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    I assume it wasn't ethanol free gas? I always try to run that at the end of the season if possible. I pour in a healthy dose of Seafoam at the end of the season as well even though I know there is likely still some in the gas in the tank, run sled for at least 10 minutes then begin to fog the sled. Once sled has stalled due to the fogging, I syphon the remaining gas out of the tank and call it a season. I use to clean my XLT carbs every year or at least every 2 years. I ran the Seafoam for a couple/few seasons then tore into my carbs again. Once I had them off, I could not believe how clean they were. That was quite a few years ago and since, like I mentioned, I run Seafoam in almost every tank, I haven't had them apart since. Some people call it snake oil but it works for me. I use it in my sleds, lawnmowers, snowblower, vehicles occasionally, and have never had to clean those carbs either.
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    Rode a 150 mile loop with an 850 Polaris yesterday. Surprisingly, no tow rope required. Gonna give it another chance to blow it up again to-day. LOL
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    The Red Rat was flooding the crank cases. Took the carbs apart. Coated with a black residue. Yet the carb bowls weren't stained. Only attacked the brass components.
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    Stopped using Stab-ll a few years ago I understand Seafoam is not a mechanic in a bottle but if you by it by the gross,it sure saves me alot of time--if administered properly and regularly My gas is ethanol free. But hey people saved $1.50 on a tank of gas.Mercury 4 stroke carbs are the worst.$1000.00 time your done.if they have the parts.
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    NO,Ethanol/alcohol doesn't turn brass black .Maybe some chemical compound in the bizarre fuel they sell these days.
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    I am unsure how long the Indy Lite sat that I purchased but I want to say approx 8 yrs? Regardless, when I tore the carbs apart on it there was no black whatsoever that I recall. Like you mentioned, green and white sludge, although mine was more of a white dust than sludge, nothing was certainly black so that is a strange one for sure. I don't know if you will be able to make out the slides laying on the engine, but they were definitely green.
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    By chance did some race fuel get mixed in or ran in that sled?
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    A few years ago the groomer stopped an SUV up in the Hali Forest almost 6 miles in and the driver said he was following his GPS. The one that tops it was a tour bus on a sled trail
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    Frosty read it on the internet while reading up on the exploding 850’s
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    Because Trudope's dad hid in Laurentians hiding behind trees during the war to avoid it!
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    Exactly-carbon is a natural element and has been in existence since earth's creation-Trudashian isn't about to change that!
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    Yup, for all 3 kms. And my electric shield worked great the whole time as well, unlike the 700 dollar doo lids. LOL.
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    Liberals= Do as I say not as I do.......... idiots!
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    Nice ride today and still no earth shattering kaboom. Oh and the Axys chassis kills the Cat, I'm not biased.
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