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    Nice ride today and still no earth shattering kaboom. Oh and the Axys chassis kills the Cat, I'm not biased.
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    G lake group ride today.
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    It was really good but we only rode on Friday as the drive up Thursday was insane with the lake effect. Never seen it snow like that before. We stayed at the Ridge View in Lowville which is a great spot to stage from. I didn't see any of the horror stories of what everyone talks about with Tug Hill. Trails were very nice considering what they had to deal with in regards to the snow as it easily snowed 2 to 4 feet. A few pics from Friday... we did about 260km for the day.
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    I usually see one or more like this on the Trails around Port Perry or in the Ganny. One year an old lady made it in surprisingly far. Said her GPS said to go this way. It's hard enough watching out for other sledders and groomers let alone vehicles you never expect to see!
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    Found on the. snowmobile trail today.
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    Every sno mo rag will have article after article about how bad cans are . Turn the page , and there’s a advertisement for the same cans . So , maybe the mags that you get for free , when you buy your permit , you know to ride ofsc trails , shouldn’t be given out anymore . Yes you can opt out of the mag , but should not be a choice if they are advertising trail closing cans . Advertisement revenue , well , don’t see any DuMaurier or Players adds anymore and you can buy smokes . Maybe the Lesters and Nickleson should boycott the mags instead . The Lester’s could easily say they’re not going to have those adds in they’re mag . And Nickleson doesn’t write his articles until they stop too . But that ain’t gonna happen ...
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    Lot's of cans popping up for sale on Kijiji. Does this mean they will just get passed on to the next brapper? Need a bounty on them, free burger at the club house when you turn in your cannon...
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