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    A fetus is one thing but the idea that a woman is basically ready to deliver a baby that is about to leave the womb as a living breathing human and it's permissible to kill that child is incomprehensible.
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    Not sure how I feel about it. I mean I like killing babies but I don't like giving women choices.
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    HBD you big block headed faggot!!!111!!11111!!!!
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    You know it's bad when the whole country of Mexico is laughing at us (Trump)
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    Happy Birthday you salty Hoosier Sumbitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Morning- -20 / -29 and clear. No school, no mail delivery and GD is coming over for a couple hours around 9:30. Had a really nice time with her yesterday. Hair cut at 2 then going to my moms to help her out a bit then relax and talk with her for a couple hours.
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    Take the bottom gear off. Look at the inside where it contacts the other gear. The inside dogs have to be square. If they are rounded it will skip out and not lock. Picture is of the forward gear but shows the contact area where reverse meshes on those points.
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    I think most people would be surprised as to how little they can live on. And live comfortably. Most people havent a clue where their hard earned cash is spent. They don’t pay attention
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    But how is this capitalism's fault and the government needs to step in and fix things? Here's an idea, let me take the 12.4% of my salary that goes in to social security and let me put it in my 401k. But who is going to cover social security they will say? They keep saying it is not a ponzi scheme and those people payed into it but the politicians spent it. Maybe they should have voted for politicians who didn't spend it? Now it's my problem and they need to steal from my retirement to fund theirs? Who is funding mine?
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    It really does....and in the summer when it's a million degrees west of us we generally stay fairly cool.
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