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    Incredible the amount of abuse the weather puts on these. Michigan Lighthouse
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    I saw your beard. Looks like a rat terrier going through chemo.
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    Elk farm in northern Vermont
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    Thats how I picture Zam every time he posts. His pitcoat hiding his tighty whities.
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    At least you are getting used to posting temps in 'Merica talk
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    Nobody should lose their job or anything else over accusations. The entire thing is fucking insane.
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    That plumbing is now reinforced! Michele first...then Trump? You can flush a 10 pound bag of potatoes down those crappers!!!!
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    Liberals: Corporations are the evil that makes the world unsafe. Liberals: "Men" should listen to the message corporations are saying.
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    what a spread. Who knew ya could feed a whole team for $150
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    Well fix that shit you European wanna be
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    AKA they beat you and you're making excuses
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    Decided to head out for a bit this afternoon and see how my new suspension settings take up the shot out trails after the pounding this weekend. Had to soften the fronts a bit. Jesus!
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    White male, totally insignificant to our Embarassing Fuckwad of a Leader
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    Sad but true. I have never seen such an incompetent leader in all my life. He is an embarrassment X10 for Canada!
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    If it had a Ford emblem you'd be tonging it's trailer hitch
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