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    Instead of holding practice make them watch their last 3-4 games and maybe they might learn something
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    Not too soon, there's too many hazards and a lingering "situation" from a few years back where a snowmobiler drove into a snowbank on a snow covered snowmobile stakeline and feels it is someone else's fault. Some conscientious volunteer will probably put up some helpful markers though
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    Maybe it is time for that extra tall windshield..... I do not I could stand riding with mitts, I just cannot see having the same control. I have been thinking about getting those Doo muffs, if I actually get out this year and I find my hands not warm, I might break down. I have a really good pair of Klim gloves too that use to work great, but ever since my hands got too cold that one year in QC, my hands just are not the same when it comes to the cold.
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    They will, but like I said in October........this ain’t the year....again
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