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    850 update. My brothers is working good. First ride, no plug issues or exploding engines. We ran from my place in Griffith to Eganvillle then to Golden Lake and on to Barrys Bay for lunch at Ash Grove Inn. Return was the same route. We put on 190 miles. Fuel consumption is a little better then my XCR 800. For comparison my XCR 800 fuel burn was the same as my old 2010 1200 for those who ask.
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    Slow Joe, I really feel sorry for you if CPP/OAS is your saviour.
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    Conversation starter, yes. Take out from time to time, probably not. Most of these sleds were shipped incomplete. They are also plagued with problems. There is a good Redline thread at HCS where the guy shows all the repairs and modifications to make his a truly rideable unit. Cool piece for the man cave though.
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    Season starts when I can ride from home and ends when I can't.
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