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    Greetings and Good Morning! 23 / 16 and overcast. Wife has a Mamo this AM and shes all worked up. She gets this way every time cuz she had a couple scares in the past. 6:30 APT and will have results by 10 or so. I told her that her girls are all good
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    Wife & I spent most of a day helping search for her when they were asking for help.
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    The wife took some pics on our ride we decided to go on this afternoon....got back just as the sun was setting.
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    I think we have this one covered!
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    He's got a bunch of them and he is spot on in them. GM junk.
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    Its 49 now. Only gonna hit the mid 60’s today. We’re headed down to Parker AZ today for the Best in the Desert UTV races. The Blue Water Resort UTV Winter Nationals. Short course race today and the 250 mile race tomorrow. Two friends from Wasilla are racing this weekend. Should be a fun event.
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    She had a lump removed from her L breast back in January of '18. Lymph nodes were clear , so no chemo, no radiation. Unfortunately, when she went back for a recheck end of August/early September, they found another lump in the same breast, and one on her R side as well. The one on the right side was bigger than both spots were on the left. But they couldn't see it on the mammogram, or ultrasound the year prior. They saw something very small, but it kept moving when they tried to get a look at it from a different angle. She had a double mastectomy on September 28th. Lymph nodes were clear this time too so no radiation or chemo again. Her blood work came back clear in December also. She has to go every 3 months for a while. So yes she is all clear, but unfortunately it took another surgery, and a much bigger one this time to get her clear. She told the Dr. The 2nd time when she was getting the results from the biopsy that before she said anything, that if it's back, (which my mom said she knew it was) that she wanted them both gone. Said she wasn't going to keep doing this every 8 months. She said she wanted them gone ASAP. She got her biopsy results 8 days prior to surgery. Hopefully your better half has good news today
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    It wasn't tall enough to keep @Woodtick out
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