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    We moved a few years ago and for various reasons a lot of boxes are just now getting opened and sorted. A couple of weeks ago I got into one of the boxes that had cases of recorded music. I had forgotten how many I had and how much time I had into recording and labeling. Some good stuff there and for most everything I recorded there is an album with only 2 plays on it. I'm browsing Craigslist now for a decent cassette deck as my old Sony has belts that have turned to jello like pile substance.
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    Her wages have been stagnant for years though and she is probably living paycheck to paycheck. Sorry, bad humor.
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    Another job Trump created!!! Poor liberals
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    Calling radio station to request song. waiting with your finger to hit record when song you wanted played on radio.
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    I'm considering turning over all of the customer service duties on this site to @HSR I Watched him in action elsewhere and he seems to have a good grasp of how to deal with assholes like you
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    Probably got nothing to do with your drive, dependability, attained knowledge, willingness to excel and do a good job, always going the extra mile, etc...etc.... Either that or you are white.
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    I bet the 900 turbo smokes any 800/850 made.
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    If 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, then the bulk of it comes from very poor personal life choices. Own it.
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    Outstanding Leader has seen your TLC show, "My 700 pound life".
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    Roll tide!!!!!!! @Zambroski
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    The alt left would prefer her defenceless but this is awesome lol
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    You have the same skilz tho. (Wink)
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    They all run their best, just before they blow. Bring a buddy, and a towrope.
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    This statistic says less about people being poor and more about people being irresponsible. 78% of the country isn't poor.
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    How will someone ever save for retirement if they dont at least have 6-9 months of savings stashed away? Some peoples priorities are totally screwed up.
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    Kinda yummie.....well except for the outie.
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    Don’t forget to splash on a little old spice, You smelly bastard.
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    Ummmm....rules about family members? Is she a pig? "Well, hello Tool Kit." Hey, what can I say? We were soundly beaten by a better, more prepared team that came to do serious battle. Clearly, us being the favorite to win went to our heads and performance levels calibrated also. All we can do is admit our failure, try to figure out what all went wrong and correct it for the next go around. Right guys? @Mileage Psycho @ActionfigureJoe @Snoslinger
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