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    All bs aside I hope this is a good machine for him. He's had some bad luck with sleds the last several years. The season is too short to have to worry about stuff breaking down.
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    I hope he does too. If someone shot my dog I would be thinking about fucking them up 24/7
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    45f here this morning. Rained all night. Partly cloudy now. We will be pulling out about noon to head toward Havasu. Dang motorhome is gonna get dirty today on the wet road. Gonna need a bath in Havasu.
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    Christmas, my wife bought me new headsets for the airplane. They are BOSE A20 Bluetooth noise canceling! I don’t know how I survived without them...unbelievable. Beautiful day for a flight too. Next weekend I’m north to sled.....life is good!
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    You can ride 2ups with me on the CFR if you like !!!!!!!!!1111
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    I rode by your place yesterday, left from just north of the Mazinaw to Griffith for lunch. Trails are in pretty good shape, if we get the snow they are calling for tomorrow everything should be mint
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    That sled runs really well .....on a good hard pack run with me getting a great launch I'm guessing it would still take 1000' for me to catch him. Brian's sled absolutely killed the doo 850 from a dig and a roll
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    Lol....I had one of those.....ahh the memories
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    We had a site in there for 20yrs. We sold it after moving up here. It was great sitting there watching TV or outside by the fire and the groomer going by and knowing we could go for a night run on fresh trails
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    Yeah that's cool....fucking sociopaths.
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    I had a big house that I paid a stupid amount of property tax on when I lived in ontario...the last boy moved out...no need for a big empty house.
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    I delivered papers when I was 8. I started with 80 customers and passed it on to my brother when I was 12 with 120 customers. 25 cents a week per customer then and I made about ten bucks in tips. Bought a new Schwinn with baskets after 6 months on credit my dad negotiated with the bike dealer and I paid him 5 bucks a week for 10 weeks. Every day the truck would dump off my papers out front at 2. It took 2 hours to deliver, 3 on pay day. Every day during summer vacation it sucked having to leave my friends to do delivery. I still have silver coins from then, even a few silver dollars. It made me want to excel and attend college.
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    One in 10 prime rib eaters become beef addicts.
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    So I heard the glorious CFR 1000 was curb stomped by the not even broken in CTEC??? Is this true?!
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    Polaris needs to hook up with Fuji again, they just know how to build an engine way better than Poo can.
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    Finally rideable snow and the forecast looks better for more.
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