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    State Park bliss.✌🏼🐶
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    Well.....I've seen my share of irony for the day and it's only 7:04 am
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    Long walks on the beach with a nice man named J'avante
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    This one is so wrong.
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    Uncle Snotty is working the glory hole behind the bearded lady's tent. Ask him.
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    P.S. Ben there is no Coors light here so piss off.
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    LMAO!! Some of you faggots came out of the woodwork, right on cue!! Weak and lame, as usual. Look at 800 Dragon trying to get a hit in, after I've " OFFICIALLY OWNED " him for 8 years, what a faggot!! Look at Benny The Aspergers Homo fantasizing about Jevante!! Dickslinger the faggot, thinking about dicks. Snowrider craving MOMO. 1jkw thinking about men,,,,,,,as usual, XLT, the gay Army Sgt. who choked at my shoot-out challenge. God, what a bunch of queers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You know I have never claimed to be a genius and I’m certainly not but reading here and next door has made me feel pretty good about where I stand intellectually compared to my fellow citizens....holy fuck. 😜😝
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    Left: China trade is unfair Trump: You're right let's do something about it. Left: We shouldn't treat China so bad.
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    These Canadian pussies are hilarious. Trump could fuk their wives and they’d offer some maple syrup for lube
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    Made some soup and grilled cheesers
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