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    steak tips with coleslaw and asparagus
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    that's not what the tweet says dipshit. Democrats rounded up Japanese citizens during WW2 and put them into internment camps. these kids aren't locked up in Internment camps as Cummings suggests. He's a dipshit like you
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    You’ve put your finger on the real issue. Prescribing is linked closely to patient satisfaction rates. Patient satisfaction rates are linked to reimbursement rates. The change in this piece of healthcare delivery needs to be both attitudinal and procedural in order to fully address the issue. I’ve sat on opioid summit commutes with nurses and doctors. The determination they have to prescribe these things is obsessional. They are oblivious to the research which is very clear. Especially the danger it poses to prescribing these things to children. Children prescribed opiates for more than 3-5 days have unbelievable rates of addiction to narcotics as adults. Prolonged use opens up some very dangerous pathways in the developing brain that leads to high vulnerabilities to dependence later in life.
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    Best thing I found is these collars.
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    Dumping my outlander and commander to get an x3 here eventually....outlander should sell today.
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    I have a local ford dealer that lets me buy off their wholesale line. Ive bought 3 trucks and an escape from it. All worked out well.
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    Donald is starting the Mobile Infantry. Best POTUS ever.
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    do you disagree that the south tends to be dumber. Fuck i wouldn't send my kids to public schools in most of the south they are a disgrace. might be better off sending them to an inner city school in the north. and FTR yes i am. But i'm not going to cheer lead like you supporting everything the orange orangutan does just because i vote for him. it was a disgusting choice to have to make further made bad by his inability/unwillingness to surround himself with/listen to quality people which was my one hope.
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    Don’t worry about my business. Worry about yours. And don’t forget to save some time for all those Mexican kids you care sooooooo much about. “Cages” and “sex trade”. Jesus. Moto is making you a little mask and a girl size portion of pepper spray! Go get’ em!!!!!
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    Trust me, some of the bullshit coming from your keyboard blows away any so called trolling by RJ... Yeah but killing cops apparently gets a fucking pass from you. Seriously who the fuck do you assholes think you are? What a joke you idiots are. Get the fuck over yourselves No kidding
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    if you don't like the treatment.. THEN STAY THE FUCK OUT!!!
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