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    Any step forward with NK is a good thing, no doubt about it. Whether this ever amounts to substantive results we won’t know for awhile, maybe even years. For now it’s good news, and now the actual hard part and real work that should have come first, begins.
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    hacks on both sides an be predicted to be hypocritical on justabout everything. WGAF. To put it in bhents mideset hacks of both sides should all dies a fiery death and this country would be a better place.
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    Vince's new ride thanks to the Trump economy.
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    same. I made plenty of funny car models of those guys and more. jungle jim, a local boy, was one of my favorites. I used to live near maple grove raceway and saw them race as a kid. rip
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    Yeah, I was shure you’d be in here praising trump this morning.
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    You can take 'lead from behind' and shove it right up your ass... sideways.
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    Skirt steak sammiches on some good crusty bread toasted in olive oil, fresh asparagus and broccoli, milk, & 3 Oreos. I snuck a couple more Oreos later on, because I can.
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    A great cause and 220km is a serious fucking ride. Very impressive.
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    He’s furious that Trump did good. It’s hilarious.
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    legend in your own mind owning people SMH
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    the alt left headlines months ago,,,,,, lol
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    People being against this just because Trump is for it really is pretty disgusting.
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    Oppressed lmao moto is a fag
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    cuckhold is what you were described as for months, because you're such an effeminate half man, and its also a line cross that allows me to describe your wife as a horse faced coke whore. See how that works? Trump is our president and it heartens me that you likely spend most of your day bitching about him.
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    IMO boycotting any business because of either anti gun, anti gay, anti anything is the stupidest fucking act known to mankind.
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