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    Actually, over the phone he told me it was in good shape with a couple of normal war wounds. Started pricing out some of the parts just so I'm familiar. Hoods $220 Decals $100-150 Belly Pan $180 Bumper $65 Skis $80 Aftermarket Windshield $115 Track $400
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    Remember.. He told you it was Mint.....
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    Keep looking buddy. I drove an hour and a half to look at that unit and it was beat to crap. Broken hood, broken belly pan, both skis cracked, seat torn down both sides, all the joints in the steering were worn completely out, all the bogies were worn out, the centrifugal clutch was well worn. You name it, it needed it but it did run......lol And he won't budge off his $999 price tag. It was a nice day for a drive at least. Seen plenty of trailers and sleds on trails up that way. Makes me want to pull mine out.
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    Thanks I will give them a call.
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    Agree 100% it was a call to bring the Americans back in the game. Pissed me off so much I stopped watching. Don't engineer the game, let them play.
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    I remember that moment. And yes they are a hoot to ride.
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    Everyone knows that you don't drink cookies. Personally I like to crush them up then snort 'em. Unless they are Oreos, ya gotta free base those suckers - mmmmmm.
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    Riding some local trails today
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