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    Get rid of these stage races and the stupid playoff format.
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    Much better racing there. As for races being shorter....who wants to see a bunch of guys that have zero chance of winning coasting around a track for 500 miles?
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    Speaking of triggered,, i stopped for a sandwich this afternoon, sitting at the bar watching the weather talking to the semi hot bartender, i says to her i keep waiting for Al Gore to come on and tell us this cold is because of mmgw. Well , didnt i set off the fire engine red haired totally tatted up septum in the nose black rimmed glasses 20 y/o college girl two stools down!?!! it was AWSOME she was losing her mind instantly. " THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!!" she announces right away. lol a couple of truths back at her and she was going ballistic. i actually tried to calm her down a little, but that wasnt happnin. she was full on triggered! i eventually laughed in her face as she was turning red stammering on about polar bears and penguins ect... thats when i figured out she was the good looking bartenders daughter...DOH! ....oh well...i wasnt gittin none anyways......... i sauntered out the door with a little grin feeling i had done my good deed for the day
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    Thanks I will give them a call.
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    I thought this was weather not global warming? Neal
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    Shorten the races? for what the fans pay? May as well go to the local short track then.
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    Another sponsor bites the dust. MillerCoors not renewing deal with NASCAR UPDATE: NASCAR officially is in the hunt for a new beer sponsor, as MillerCoors will not renew Coors Light's deal as the official beer of the sanctioning body. The sides were not able to come to an agreement to renew the deal that expires on Sunday despite last-ditch efforts by NASCAR in recent weeks to salvage some form of a pact. The sides confirmed the move Friday but declined to comment further. Coors Light sponsored the pole award winner every week. Sister brand Miller Lite is remaining in the sport with an 11-race deal with Team Penske, meaning the company -- now owned fully by Molson Coors Brewing Co. -- is not exiting NASCAR as a whole. It will be a challenge for NASCAR to find a large-scale beer partner to replace MillerCoors, as the marketplace has changed to focus on more micro and craft brews, while consolidation has also impacted sponsorship spending.
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    Yes. Its parked at my BIL’s house. Its in Effingham IL. Southern Illinois. We will hit Hwy 70 to St Louis then Hwy 44 to Tulsa then Hwy 40 to Laughland NV. Gonna stay in Laughland for a week before heading to Phoenix.
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    Not till monday. Driving down from Chicago to jump in the motorhome now. Will stay at my wifes brothers house till monday about noon then head west. We are going to take it fairly easy. Drive maybe 5 hours a day. Maybe a little longer if the weather is shit. Its gonna be -8 down here tomorrow. Hopefully the Moho starts. Hahahahah
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    His name wouldnt be Bubbles by chance would it?
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    I remember that moment. And yes they are a hoot to ride.
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    The only thing keeping Analreceiver from being a full blown faggot was the etec. And now that that's gone........
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    I need to go get the cat out of the barn. I think this guy is done being nice to it.
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    Everyone knows that you don't drink cookies. Personally I like to crush them up then snort 'em. Unless they are Oreos, ya gotta free base those suckers - mmmmmm.
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    That sheep shit brained FUCK, sure is a massive fucking POS
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    Got the boy out for a little ride around the yard and neighborhood. Hopefully he's hooked!
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