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    Trudeau given an award? For what? What has Justin done so far other then give speaches and hand out our money?
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    He must have been rockin' to do that much damage on an in town street. Traction control is good for some.. What a waste of a fine machine.
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    Iqaluit...we would stop there delivering airplanes once in awhile so I've worked out of Iqaluit a few times....I guess that's why my hands are permanently frozen.....a good read. http://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/airlines/a25590/changing-worlds-largest-engine/
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    Don't care about French. Still trying to figure out what positives Truedope has made.
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    We should add here a list of good free mooring spots. Anchorages, etc.
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    Now that made me laugh.... I just about blew hot tea out my nose.
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    The rednecks probable think he is speaking Mexican and the Mexicans think he is speaking Canadian.
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    It's called " Canadian Commando ".........
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    That thing bends easier than an 850 Skidoo.....
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    Thanks 2stroke.... The speed on the website was actually quite good. I've ordered mine. 6 to 8 weeks delivery.
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    That,s a Puzzler moment, right there. A kid with way to much money. Makes one wonder how they can afford a vehicle like that. Maybe a means and net worth check would be good on someone like that to see if they can uncover any illegal activity.
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    No , I think you know full well I nailed your white hood to your burning cross on this one , KKKMAN ,
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