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    Oh no , they're we're fuckin retards back then , and obviously have not changed . i was talking about me being polite
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    Lol , some would disagree
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    Your polite. People can change!
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    Saturday- close to home, trails should be same or better now.
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    Twin Mountain trails are really nice, did a couple hundred ks with son.
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    Tricky Dick got caught on tape with that one. Maybe he wasnt all that bad.
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    I can probably swing a weekday off
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    These people need to walk down these trails in the summer. It's a real eye opener to see the crap we get to ride over top of....... or thru... Land based trail are easy to open. The Ghurst area has many challenges. Same as the Baxter and other areas.
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    Bombardier Inc., who got the loan, has nothing to do with Bombardier Recreational Products - BRP, the makers of ski-doo etc. hasn't for years.......
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    Embraer gets it from the Brazilian gov't , Airbus gets it from Britain and EU govt's , Boeing gets it from US gov't . If you want to compete on the world stage you need govt support of you want Canadians jobs and a Canadian aircraft industry , not to mention the spin off Canadian companies . Lots of income tax , sales tax generated . And it's a repayable loan .
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    Just wondering, how can I become an officer? http://globalnews.ca/news/3232729/ontario-police-officer-takes-over-music-video-shoot-with-epic-dance-moves/
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