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    Pounded the local diamonds today. they were minty fresh and empty.
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    Remember when Cartman pretended to be a retard to compete in the special Olympics and then got smoked by the real retards? Reminds me of Arctic cat guys.
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    Its another complete shit day here. May only get to 75 today. What bull shit. We went out yesterday and scouted out a good spot to hang out for Spring Break. This little spot is called Copper Canyon. Its about a 12 minute boat ride from the marina where our boat is parked. It will be packed with party barges and partiers for the better part of March. The tall rock is called Jumpers Rock. Its about 40’ above the water. 5’ off the edge of the rock the water is 22’ deep. Lots of clifs to jump from here but most are 25’ or less.
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    Great weekend in Haliburton Ontario
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    I've kinda changed my mind about pit bulls over the years. Was a time I despised them. I have a friend who is a professional dog trainer and he always maintained that the breed wasn't inherently aggressive. I now have several friends and relatives with pit bull and pit mix rescue dogs as pets and they are loving family pets. Really good dogs. So I am convinced it is the owners that are the assholes.
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    Got another ride in yesterday before the warm and rain hits. Trailered an hour and a half north to open trails and clocked up 250kms. Only pic I took was our lunch stop. Ted’s Range Road Diner. Popular stop for sledders. Menu includes Elk, Bison, Venison and Longhorn Burgers.
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    The steel roof we put on the cabin this fall is getting the ultimate test this winter and is passing with flying colors! No ice dams cold roof and it unloads itself if the sun comes out and it warms up.
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    To be fair it’s a Ben thread. It may be about sleds but usually it’s along the lines of: -Guess what I wrapped my front end around? -best way to get a sled out of ice -900T is the most fsggot sled ever; hey guess what I bought!
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    You say the g4 is garbage. You buy one! You say 900t is a fag mobile. You're gonna buy one!! You call everyone gay. You're a fag!!! You are a bipolar hook nosed retard!!!!
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    .....yes , MC.....his days are numbered. He has 710 or so left in his first term and about 1500 or so more after that if the retarded fucking dems keep doing what dems do.
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    That is the slowest most pathetic way to ever remove or install a skid. Only a complete idiot would install a skid that way.
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    Lol, in comes SnowRider to be Hillary’s white knight. Much to the surprise of nobody.
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