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    Had the old girl out for a spin yesterday.
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    got my sons senior pictures back, he had to take one with his dog
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    Thursday when we started filling.
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    Best day of riding last year. Bluebird morning out by myself doing the cottage loops on perfectly groomed laid out for me while my buds were nursing their hangover. Went back had lunch and racked up another 200 with the group that day.
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    So dumb he beat the smartest woman in the world.
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    Stitches come out Saturday. no more bandages. We noticed, and the vet noticed, totally different disposition form almost a year ago. Very happy go lucky again,wants to play again,full of piss and vinegar lol. That toe must have really hurt
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    How did the flight go? Mostly sunny and windy here now. I'm hoping the wind settles down before sunset. I got my photo of Island Pond from the south end yesterday and was hoping to get a pic of it from the north side later today.
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    Well, it’s an entire island without power, running water, sewage, etc... They already have a failing economy, infrastructure that is failing before the storm, and logistically inaccessible. Tell me how it doesn’t have the perpencity to be worse? Minus a full scale military aid deployment, shit will get real bad there. Quit making everything a liberal/conservative thing you fucking hack. Use your head...
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    Ribs and paper plates for a forum gathering?
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    moto- profit from peoples labor is bad me- how many employees? moto- what does that have to do with capitalizm being bad? me- how many? ben- [guzzle guzzle] kill yourself moto- [never answers] YOU DONT UNDERSTAND ANARCHY!!!!
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    wtf are you u mumbling about you inbred worthless fuck stain . just go back fingering your ass hole
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    The company that I signed a licensing agreement with earlier today has already got my video on the ABC news Facebook page.
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    I had a friend with one. His wife drove it, throttle was a bad design, especially loading on a trailer. Ugly for sure, but the new 850 Doo takes the title for the ugliest sled ever.....but sometimes the ugly ones ride the best......especially at closing time...hey now!
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    Here's a video of the village of Island Pond, Vermont. I live about two miles from the village. Here's a little info from Wiki. Island Pond became an important railroad center in 1853 when the Grand Trunk Railway established international connections between Montreal, Quebec, and Portland, Maine. The half-way point in the Portland-Montreal railroad line, this town became a booming railroad center with a roundhouse, shops, and all the facilities associated with train operations. In 1923 the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada was bankrupt and taken over by the Canadian government and operated as the Canadian National Railways. With the Canadian government directing the railroad, political considerations soon outweighed the economics of the railroad; commerce was displaced from the port of Portland to the Canadian ports of Halifax and St. John. The importance of the Portland line then began a decline which was never to be reversed. Island Pond's days as a major railroad town were over by the late 1950s due to the elimination of steam locomotives. By 1960 passenger train service to Portland had ended, and three years later the diesel locomotive shop was closed. In 1966 the roundhouse closed, and barely a skeleton staff of people worked in Island Pond. Canadian National continued to operate freight service to Portland until 1988; the following year the line was sold to a short line operator, the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad, which provides service to this day.
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    Beings this is a snowmobile site Bought a new 2017 MXZ 1200 today. 129" for the local trails and a Canadian trip. I think it's a lot of sled for $9000.
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    I hate that this dominates our dialogue anymore. Like this is the most pressing subject in our lives. It's fucking stupid.
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    It's raining hard. Perfect time to smoke some wings.
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    Preparation is underway... Neal
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    Fucking guy corrects everyone on your and you're then fucks up Acquit
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    Yard work is done....and wings just got put on the smoker. Mmmmm.....applewood smoked wing-dings!!!!!!!
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    Just go German specs, goodintight. No torque wrench needed. Or go Wisconsin torque specs, tighten it until it strips, back it off a 1/4 turn.
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    Shitty pics but it is what it is. Can't control the lighting. We had two engine changes this week, the little one wasn't done and we started the big one next door. Had to be the warmest days of the year, just like working in a sweat shop. Must have lost ten pounds.
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    Beautiful night for an evening!
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    Lowest ive been in a few yrs...glad i kept some of my old clothes...lol
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    Been smoking this butt for 10 1/2 hrs now. Sitting at 175. I downloaded the iGrill APP to my iPhone. The app has been updated since my last phone. Range is better, probably 50-60 feet. If I go to my bedroom I can connect with it. At least saves going outside.
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    THE answer to the OP is ALMOST ANYTHING
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    Also, one of the guys we played against today was a Pastor at a church and he's been fighting pancreatic cancer for over a year. Doing chemo that entire time and it was pretty amazing how good of spirit he was in and how well he was able to play. Major props and all the best to him.
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    You were 80 in the 80s Go to sleep. Don't forget the clapper for the lights
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    This show really tackled a lot of issues and was far beyond it's time...Norman Lear did a helluva job. Not to mention Archie is a fucking riot!
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    maybe I should start tokin' again, might help me cope with all this white guilt I have had lately
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    want to get real pissed off ? I have 80 acres 50 min north of Minneapolis willed to a shelter and may be giving it early so they can build a new larger shelter .
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    yes......I fear every night that some battalion of mexicans wearing their sombreros are going to storm into my home and rape my wife and daughter fucking idiot
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