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    we lost our Samoyed in early January and got a new pup this weekend for my b-day. he's a snow lover too.
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    I was out flying today and caught some sleds going down the lake. I didn't have my settings right to be able to go to sport mode so I could fly faster in order to keep up with them. Hopefully I can get more clips this weekend to make a video.
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    Sorry guys. The pastrami was amazing
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    A quick edit of the groomer here in Island Pond getting it done!
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    I don't think anyone much cares what you think Most of the day in the woods. Everyones a little stove up. Spent an hour in a half frozen creek bed by myself. Had to roll it out to get moving again. What a shit show, everyone had a similar story today out there. 2' of fresh on a 30" concrete ice base. SKS is a monster in the deep Much better than debating Motos revolutionary theories on the internet
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    Frozen Lake Charlevoix in all its splendor!
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    Yeah, the other retired world renowned black pediatric neurosurgeon that grew up on the other side of the tracks was busy tonight. I'm sure Dr. Carson is sorry he disappointed you. Next time maybe he can light up a "blunt" and grab his crotch and say "nigga" half a dozen time to make you feel confident he is a "correct and true" representative of the black race. You worthless racist liberal bigot.
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    Betty is one sexy bitch
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    These are my best from 2016.
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    This past Sunday.....snow was going fast but we got 104 miles in and had a great lunch.
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    Rob watched his wife pass away , an could do nothing to stop it. Persons on the old site kept pushing the limits on line, others made threats via the USPS to him. If Rob has / had personal demons with the bottle , we have all have had a demon or two in our lives . Rob opened some web sites to give people a place to play, Rob owes us zip. Be well Rob.
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    Going in for first round today. Thanks for the advice everyone. Just so you know, if you're in a rush, there's a 4 dose program. (Which I'm doing) Otherwise it's three doses that you have to start months in advance. Im self employed, and signing contracts now. Can't risk being incapacitated the next few months. (or ever for that matter). Plus, I've never been shit on by a German chick, so I look forward to that.
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    Had 4 days of awesome riding at Togwotee with my oldest son. Snow was set up but we still had a riot. Pictures and video from out there never does it justice.
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    I'm gonna fall check a leftover 17 poo. I've been going flamming over a new xrs but the crazy money and then the more crazy money for all of the accessories just doesn't make sense. This thing comes with just about everything and is $6k cheaper. I'll still prolly spend a couple hunge on some poo bags and I'll stud it. This is probably the top trail weapon anyways...
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    A little video of the over 45 final. Shaun Nester on the bad ass Twister. Me getting schooled right behind Shaun. Dave Jensen on a 410cc Flannery TXL with the video. Great fun for sure.
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    Had lunch with my dad today and we talked about the amount of three engine ferry flights he has done during his career at Trans Canada Airlines/Air Canada. I had an old picture he took, late 1950's out the window of Vickers Viscount he ferried home from Cleveland on three engines.....that is the number four engine shutdown and feathered.
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    The Son and I. Snow sucked this season and He totaled My sled over New Years!! But all in all We still got over 800 miles in this shity season
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    Watkins Glen state park
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    I have had them all over the years, hands down the best "smoked prime rib".
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    Yeah....we all know the truth about her/him/it now though.
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    Drinking my morning coffee and he's sleeping on the floor next to me 14 months 90 #'s
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    I think puzzle is to ski doo as Vince is to cat and RR to Polaris as Irv to yamaha
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    I'm here to help a liberal any way I can!
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    He flew with TCA/Air Canada 1951 until 1991, in those days 60 was retirement. He then flew the Lancaster at Hamilton until 2006 retiring as the worlds oldest Lancaster pilot, he did his last solo flight in 2011 at 81. He now flies with me. He flew 30000 hrs and since 1948 and never bent one airplane. Not bad I'd say....
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    I'd say this is only 8.7% as pathetic as Bernie endorsing Hillary after she defrauded him out of being the President of the USA
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    Pics from our Gaspe trip last week: Boundary Bald Mnt: Baxter state park: Fishin': New wind project: Sunrise on the st. John:
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    Coburn Mountain, The Forks
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    Lincolnville Beach, Maine
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    Waterfront, Rockland Maine
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    @SVT Renegade XRS
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    I have never seen a such bunch of whiny idiots in my life, The Democrats/Liberals still don't get it, no one likes the message they offer, the elections across the US proves it.
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