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    Again you're a Fluorescent Twat Waffle: Settlement was 2017, the part time drama teacher got elected in 2015. You gotta remember that day, you went thru a whole bottle of Jergens. Of all people to say move on, you're fn hilarious. You can't stfu about Harper like he's the boogy man under your bed and he has absolutely nothing to do with this election. Awarding Khadr his settlement while TrickPony was Prime Minister makes it this elections' issue. My disgust isn't just the settlement, it's the fact that that entitled imbecile is so arrogant he thinks he deserves to teach the rest of the world a lesson.. WITH OUR FUCKING MONEY!!! Guantanamo was a US base, a US crime and US punishment, this had nothing to do with Canada let alone Our Tax Contributions. And stop saying ONE WAY, you sound like Rainman and I liked that movie. At least he made sense
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