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    Got a bridge stripped of the rotten and soft planks today. Good day weather wise to do it.
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    Finally got a shipping notice for the new sled saying it's built and on it's way. Picked up a new tow pig this week too. Almost put 50 miles on it before I started changing shit lol.
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    Riding buddies not baby diaper changing buddies. Poor @04nightfire
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    The founder of the original FS passed away. Seemed like a good dude; even offered me the site if I wanted it, during the time he was banning all the "Malcontents" lol. RIP, dude.
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    Well, I got the car Krown rustproofed, new Husky floor liners/mats front and back, new molded mud flaps, snowies and rims, the windows tinted and yesterday, I gave it a coat of wax. Glad I was able to get all this done before it got too cold and snowy as I should be good until the spring now. Momma is still on cloud nine with her new car. She absolutely loves it, as do I.
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    No it was an award based on some trees my buddy and I planted after the school shooting. some student we knew were killed. Long story. I would post my pic with Russ but there are too many assholes on this site to understand...
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    More oil, booze and piss stains on that then Big Foots underwear.....no thanks
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    Had an Old GF that loved to ride the ol' Johnson.....
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    Don't get too excited, I am betting 3 terms majority but than again with social LIE media you never know what will happen. You would have never guess Wynne would win the last election
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