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  2. I have some repairs and testing to do before I come to any conclusions.
  3. Yeah, I thought it was going to hit a tree and next thing ya know old stars and stripes saves the day. Are you sure it isn't North Korea
  4. It’s like he was locked in a closet all week and not allowed to speak. WTF? Get your head on right you dodddring fool. His point is valid but the way he is dispersing it just sounds like confused bitterness. Wallace is good. I can certainly see why the Dem parry doesn’t want him and Fox being anywhere close to their primaries.
  5. Isn't that wild that is went straight for the flag. Evidently Chinese made drone. LOL
  6. Well, they should care that their information sources are biased but, meh... As far as the Christians getting murdered. They don’t have to care. Like I don't give a fuck if those cowardly terrorist, boy fucking Muslims get slaughtered in their mosques or across some fence line in Israel. Scourge of the world...along with all those defending their ideology.
  7. steve from amherst

    Official Facebook thread - Happy Easter

    The family that stones together, dosnt moan together.
  8. Zambroski

    Official Weekend Thread

    What’s the rush? Just wait. Plenty still up here. It’s too messy to fuck with right now.
  9. 1/2 the fuckingcocksucking Sodomites in here have ZERO issues with it all no doubt, some real Shitstains on this site
  10. Zambroski

    Meme thread

    They’ve been “getting ready” for at least ten years on the forums.
  11. Well, New Zealand fit their anti-gun narrative and agenda. But, you are correct...protect the Muslim hoards and their good name and solid reputation at all costs.
  12. 45 Muslims killed in New Zealand the media and world goes crazy 207 Christian's killed no big deal
  13. Momorider

    600 Pounds of Pure Bullshit

    Homosexual posts what? Sick Sodomite FUCK
  14. Sal Rosenberg

    600 Pounds of Pure Bullshit

    Hey I'll tell ya what , I've learned to not try to help , stop , interfere , or generally say anything , just let him go till he get's it out of his system and is ready for a glass of chard and a newspaper
  15. Today
  16. Update on the MIL. She was hesitant to try the CBD smoke today as she was still buzzed at 3 o'clock this morning from yesterday's intro to gummies. She did end up taking 2 hits off the bowl. She said she didn't feel any kind of buzz but was very relaxed. My FIL tried a 1/2 a gummy this afternoon and he enjoyed it. The pain in his right hand and his feet went away. He said he felt a tiny bit of a buzz, but wasn't fucked up, LOL.
  17. Good read about what strategies that may be employed by Senate Republicans who are up for reelection.
  18. Coming in hot, LOL. The flag did a good job catching it
  19. f7ben

    600 Pounds of Pure Bullshit

    I'll bet he had a Trump sex doll complete with weird little toady mushroom cock for him to suck and fuck
  20. 1trailmaker

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    As long as Andrew keeps bringing up shit it will go on until the election. How many guilty is the question
  21. Rudy is like some people here.
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