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  2. Sturgeon Lake Ice fatality the included video gives a good indication that area was unsafe. I hate it when this happens.everytime.
  3. Winter 2018

  4. Winter 2018

    Yup, badly ! What is the best cure for lack of snow anxiety ? LOL
  5. Winter 2018

    We need snow.
  6. Winter 2018

    I sure could have used a pair a few weeks ago. Would have saved me from wading through over waist deep snow just so the wife could keep up with the lives of Victor and Nicky. Damn satelite.
  7. Winter 2018

    The canyon yesterday? Didn't know the snow was that good.
  8. Winter 2018

    Well that may be somewhat true of the skis, but anyone that has had an actual need for snow shoes would probably beg to differ.
  9. Winter 2018

    Pretty sure I saw one of those listed on Kijiji.
  10. Today
  11. Sturgeon Lake Ice fatality

    I read the police were called to Oak Park Drive
  12. Winter 2018

    Kirkland lake has lots of rooms. I bet more opens to the south of that if they get all snow with this next storm. Looks to be decent snow north of north bay from it.
  13. Winter 2018

    Nah, if that were true you would live in TO.
  14. Winter 2018
  15. Winter 2018

    Who says that I don't have anything to enjoy it with? For all you know I could own cross-country skis - or snow shoes.
  16. Winter 2018

    That's cruel
  17. Winter 2018

    Don't need snow if you don't have anything to enjoy it with.
  18. Winter 2018

    Did you get off your sled to straighten all the rubber matts for your ski'
  19. Winter 2018

    Thanks Dave.
  20. Sturgeon Lake Ice fatality

    I have heard nothing about six mile. I woke up this morning to noticeably darker ice on Belmont Lake . Think I will cut some holes today.
  21. Winter 2018

    You dont need to stay in cochrane.
  22. Winter 2018

    We need snow in the worst way. I was on B Trail yesterday and it is real bad. Like mid-to-late-March bad.
  23. Sturgeon Lake Ice fatality

    No idea about Sturgeon, but I am kinda surprised that there has been so little in the news about the girl killed on Six Mile last weekend. Sounds like she was overdriving her headlight and hit shore, but that is just speculation on my part.
  24. Winter 2018

    I know,, hope so. My son finishes exams on the 29th and is off the rest of that week.
  25. Winter 2018

    The long range after the 29th looks good if it happens for our area
  26. Winter 2018

    Not surprising. Considering our forecast is showing rain today, tomorrow, Tuesday and next Saturday I don't imagine the hotel room situation in Cochrane will get any better either.
  27. Winter 2018

    I could go fter Monday 29th. If booked oh well.
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