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  2. Ok for the LEFT but not ok for the RIGHT

    this country is FUCKED. and then some.. The left should be so god damn proud of how they are turning this country into a socialist euro style.. Fuck you
  3. Ok for the LEFT but not ok for the RIGHT

    Pretty much sums it up. Shit doesn't make sense anymore.
  4. The Kenyan starts a illegal program DACA and everything is good. A judge now says trumps plan to dismantle was unlawful???? Politics suck balls and I hope these assholes pay a high price for not following laws. A George W. Bush-appointed federal judge on Tuesday ruled that President Trump's decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, "was unlawful and must be set aside."
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  6. Friday Harbour

    sweet looking place
  7. Mobile Hotspots

    True fucking story!!!
  8. Friday Harbour

    Another fire @ the development: This follows a larger fire in Feb':
  9. Mobile Hotspots

    BTW, T-mobile got an agreement with US Celluar to be on their towers. Might be something to check into. I keep an eye on all that shit to try to get best deals. They all are a scam.
  10. Mobile Hotspots

    Who knows what VZW will let you watch. Those fuckers are corrupt as hell. Im on a metered plan on VZW for our phones, and we have carryover data. We use hardly any data for the first 25 days of the month, but the last 5 we go through it like fuckin crazy. But yet our habits dont change at all. We never go over, but hardly any carryover either. When we first got it, we had good carryover. Then the fags raised prices and got rid of most metered plans in a push for more expensive "unlimited data" with a depriortization after 22gb. What a fuckin crock of shit.
  11. No Tweets No Accolades

    Hes mingling with the french prez....keep your ear close and dont move till you hear something. The guy was white who killed 10 in Canada.... The cop who took him down was black. ....Trump mentioned it.
  12. I live in a neighborhood with 5 teachers in my 2 block dog walk . I know them all pretty well not 1 is hurting at all . most are 2 teachers in 1 home . all have nice cars 3 have cabins all have boats all have summer off. every one got there masters on the tax dime . not a bad life at all 2 are closet republicans .
  13. Mobile Hotspots

    Thanks Legend, I had no idea that was the case. If I understand you right I can watch roughly 20hrs of video before Verizon throttles me. Thats actually quite a bit more than enough.
  14. CBO and the GDP

    ANOTHER TRUMP WIN: CBO Projects Highest Level Of Growth Of GDP In 15 Years President Trump is presiding over an economy that is soaring; according to the Congressional Budget Office’s budget and economic outlook, real Gross Domestic Product will grow by 3.3% from the fourth quarter of 2017 to the fourth quarter of 2018. That would be the highest level of growth in 15 years. The CBO report states, “In CBO’s projections, real GDP expands by 3.3 percent this year and by 2.4 percent in 2019. It grew by 2.6 percent last year.” As CNS News reports, “The last time real GDP grew by more than 3.3 percent from the fourth quarter of one year to the fourth quarter of the next was in 2003, when it grew by 4.4 percent, according to the historical data published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.” And guess who is responsible for this good news? A GOP president and Congress, apparently. CBO notes, “CBO significantly boosted its projections of the growth of real GDP in 2018 and 2019, mostly because of the recent changes in fiscal policy.”
  15. Mobile Hotspots

    HD in 720 is approx 1GB per hr. 1080 is approx 1.5GB per hr. 4K is approx 7GB per hr. Of course you have streamsaver on some cell providers that you have to turn off. And some streaming devices only have certain resolutions they can do. And some streaming services only do certain resolutions. You can pretty much get 720 with most everything. Some dont do 4K, which doesnt matter to me. Waste of bandwith IMO.
  16. Mobile Hotspots

    Think about all the radio waves traveling through our bodies on a daily basis. Wireless this, Bluetooth that. That's why the aliens don't abduct us anymore, they planted this technology to remotely monitor us! All the space fuel they burned having to travel here regularly was cooking our atmosphere, creating global warming! Their research isn't complete yet, they saw they couldn't reach the end game with our degrading ecosystem. Taking away our will one rusty Tonka truck at a time, spoon feeding us shitty reality TV and remake CGI movies! Now banning and proposed confiscation of firearms! Dont be fooled, once their thesis is finished, they will surely be back to make sure all evidence is disavowed and wiped from history! Wake up people!
  17. any union gig with 7 he days 9 mo a year . they are doing better than nurses if you do the math on actual hours worked way better . better than city administrators list can go on an on most union clean hands gigs .
  18. Who was surveyed? Why were they surveyed? What source conducted the survey? What is the political leanings of the members of that source? What are there qualifications to judge The Atlantic? Because they have read maybe one article part way through like the majority of dunces posting in this thread? Yeah, sorry if critical thought isn't your thing anymore. Highmark-Look I found a poll that shows absolutely nothing without context, but let me talk about it like its peer reviewed and infallible. You were saying?
  19. Oh wow, that's deep. You smoking crack again or something?
  20. Sean Hannity is a 'welfare queen'

    MC is the one that made the statement even though he claims not to watch Fox News....tell him to post a link ya nutsack.
  21. so angry tonight . what is the prob your pool boy could not get hard for your regular Tuesday night pounding ? you should try shaving the 60s man bush off your taint that old Rosebud may be more appealing to Sanchez then
  22. Mobile Hotspots

    I dont think my porn is that important! thanks tho! LOL
  23. Mobile Hotspots

    It is. She's a dandy though. Neal
  24. Mobile Hotspots

    Looks expensive!
  25. No Tweets No Accolades

    White criminal. Black hero. Dump....
  26. The following info is certainly over your head as you’re a simpleton in the truest sense of the word.....but try to wrap your pea sized brain around it.... Countries with exceptional student achievement treat teaching as a highly selective profession that is accorded tremendous prestige and competitive compensation," wrote the authors. "Only the very best students are admitted into teaching programs in Singapore, Finland, and South Korea, for example, and standards are especially high for elementary school teachers" "The United States could consider options such as college grants for high-performing students who choose teaching, to remove the obstacle of future student loan debt," they add. "But regardless of the mechanisms chosen, teachers should be celebrated and respected as skilled professionals who provide a vital public service."
  27. Mobile Hotspots

    Not exactly mobile, but badass: Neal
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