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  2. You’re full of shit. If anyone, dem, repug, or Indy had the same baggage, and performed the same actions as trump, I’d fully expect them to be investigated. Complete irony coming from you on this topic. If Hillary has done one of the one hundred things trump did here you’d be all over it. So please, spare me your bullshit
  3. Hmm if all that is true that means since obama promised concessions to putin that makes him a Russian agent!!!
  4. Backdoor meetings? Really investigating a possible Russian operative as our president for the reasons he gave is why we have the Justice department. the Russians are Our adversary their the reason we spend trillions on our military.
  5. In slingers post Replace Trump with Hillary, Obama,s DOJ, IRS, and FBI and his opinion goes totally in the opposite direction..
  6. So you approve of secret backdoor meetings and offers to wear wires because they were troubled and had a feeling Russia was involved...Sorry my lunch is just fine.
  7. You are so out to lunch it would seem you haven't eaten lunch like ever but are still mysteriously a fat fucking slob and a dumb shitforbrains
  8. What kind of procedures? Just ask the guy? You are out to lunch here dude.
  9. It's Fact you are the dumbest FUCK that's ever posted on this site about everything and a fucking Liar
  10. There are procedures in place...backdoor secret meetings and offers to wear wires is fucked up.
  11. Anler

    I'ma tell you wut

    Skidoos are for faggots... And lady Bois.
  12. Snoslinger

    Hey Abe, can you do me a little favor?

    It’s been reported you are a dumb mother fucker who lies all the time. Nothing fake about that
  13. f7ben

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Exactly......tell me more about this 900T now. I think I need one
  14. Admits it and thinks its OK literally dumber than a bag of rocks
  15. Are you trying to tell me they should have just let trump alone?
  16. And you don’t understand why?
  17. about litteraly fucking everything since the big bang, dumbest most gullible stupid fuck since AlGore invented the Internet SMH
  18. I'm on my own side and I can see that there was an effort to get rid of Trump....not happy with a lot of his bullshit but this is not right.
  19. Come on smales. You’re smarter than this. I mean Jesus, look who’s in your corner, that is telling enough. All the stuff suspicious stuff we have seen for ourselves, and learned about trump over the years and you question why he was investigated and why the concern? God damn dude, that is dumb Dave thinking right there.
  20. Nice...what do you have going on down there?
  21. So Zip Connelly was innocent in your mind? Rico?
  22. You have lost your marbles....our "Justice Department" is as crooked as the day is long.
  23. You are dumber more gullible than a bag of monkey shit at the bottom of the ocean
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