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  2. Most repub voters know the ship has sailed on small gov't, conservative spending. Most are also socially liberal these days. Trump being appealing to a large swath of them isn't surprising in the least. The left, on the other hand, proclaim to be the ones with elitist, enlightened values. Corporatism=BOO! Race-based policing=BOO! Straight white men=BOO! Someone representing all of that = YAAY? The next couple weeks from now until the day after Super Tuesday are gonna be a hoot to watch that side tie themselves in knots.
  3. spin_dry

    What a shithole.

    St Augustine is a pretty nice town to vacation. Locals keep the riff raff out.
  4. 1jkw

    Bizarro world

    That's cause you ate all his Oreo's.
  5. I'm not into conspiracies. Most are goofs, once you tell someone something it's no longer a secret.....we know this, yet there are those that believe tens, hundreds, and even thousands of people can keep a secret
  6. What a load is slime balls and losers. .
  7. 1trailmaker

    Bad accident.

    not bad but Vehicle Through the Ice (Innisfil, ON) Two Toronto residents escaped unhurt after their car went through the ice on Lake Simcoe following an ice fishing excursion. On Monday, February 17, 2020, around 5:15 p.m., South Simcoe Police Service officers were called to Shore Acres Drive in Innisfil for a report of a car that went through a pressure crack on Lake Simcoe.
  8. So my dad got his MM card and is sitting outside my office talking with one of my childhood friends (who works with me now) about all of the different kinds of weed and how they affect you. And I'm sitting here thinking about that time old pops kicked me out of the house for smoking weed...
  9. The Mexicans are evidently all for Trump's deregulation of industry and the death of the EPA.
  10. He should get a cat or poo.
  11. Have three days of riding planned starting on Friday so yeah I’ll get over 200 easy
  12. Heroin is already cheap here. Some areas it’s $5 a bin. Pills haven’t been a thing for years. My clients, especially the younger clients, were switching in favor of risk. Over and over I heard the same thing. They were tired of having friends die on opiates and meth was a safer option for a buzz. Crack is also coming back strong. Meth this time around is near pharmaceutical quality. There’s no more bathtub meth.
  13. Anler

    Bernies Socialist Background

    I heard today on Twitter that Bernie used to murder women and children for stealing bread back in the USSR. True story.
  14. You gonna get more miles on your 2020 than amg will get on his this season? Maybe 200?
  15. Do did they just discover this while building the wall?
  16. Nobody watches that guy Vince. But he’s great controlled opposition to make everybody that questions the official narratives look like a “nut” amirite?
  17. Renegade X

    Youngest boys first ride

    Don't buy a trail pass or insurance for it and just leave it. Won't cost you anything..... My kids were ripping this past weekend on the bravo's. Those things are hard on the fuel! lol Signed my son up for go kart racing at goodwood this summer too... Should be interesting haha
  18. Pretty sure my CFR’s power valves have never leaked
  19. I watched a blimp start on fire and crash in person at the US Open a few years ago and saw it on Twitter later. I must have imagined it all.
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