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  2. Sweet 70's ford Hate the dished rim faggotry....
  3. It must be otherwise slope would have spouted off some of his championships. What a dipshit.
  4. Better every race
  5. Losing is the new winning. Where have you been bro?
  6. no a douchebag is used to clear the stink out of a smelly cunt . they are doing there best to make that thing the most rank cunt of all time
  7. Howard Dean! Trailcat!
  8. Well this thread got weard in a gay way.
  9. Ok so the title of this thread was such bullshit I'm curious. Can someone give me the cliffnotes on the past 4 pages? Let me guess, Slinger, Mainecat and Slowrider acting like douchebags?
  10. Dude that is the biggest pile of shit you have ever posted. From my first day of kindergarten we were required to stand and say the pledge if allegiance everyday. And all you have to do is log in Facebook and look at the dozens of memes and posts about hero and flag worship. Obviously you haven't shaken the brainwashing yet...
  11.'re asking the wrong questions when you don't know the answer
  12. They need to get a bobcat or a work crew down there on a regular basis to clear that shit out. There's another 8-10' of ramp there under the sand next to the dock. That trailer flexes so hard coming out of the water it scrapes and gets hung up unless it's just right on the trailer. We left our marks, lol.
  13. Says the fucking hayseed who supports Putin interfering in our elections because he supported your incompetent candidate It doesn't get anymore Unamericsn than that. And you're a total failure when your only supporters are stupid bootlickers....SBYL Tommy
  14. I have been watching big island videos looking for your boat with a load of puss no luck yet but you can be sure it has been part of this on any given weekend lol.
  15. Have you always been a loser? I guess once you get used to losing it becomes second nature. Have you ever won anything in your life? Not talking about your kids or your cousin a team you were the assistant coach for. Have you ever been a winner? Actually won something yourself. Like a pinewood derby race or something like that maybe?
  16. spring and fall is when they are busting balls for that stuff . btw the cop shop launch was the nicest on this side of the lake . and the dnr guys chemical wash your bottom when you get out . I yank out there a few times a season just to keep her some what clean and less work in the spring . hell I have pulled it let them wash and back it right back in and they get a bit pissy lol fuck em I can piss tax money away to
  17. For sure. Cops seemed chill with us hauling that boat around the lake, too. We must have seen a dozen, and drove past the sherrifs department with it 3 or 4 times lol.
  18. It's always cool to see a first time winner, that shake up at the end sure kept it interesting. Also it was nice getting to watch xfinity without any cup guys running away with it.
  19. also that lower unit top fluid dipstick screw for some reason can be a cunt . I started just giving a Teflon tape wrap and now I don't need to fight it for 20 min to get off after a season in the lake
  20. Smoke show competition. This Camero roasted 'em.
  21. fuck carpet it just gets trashed . toss down some through rugs and be done in the cockpit stick with the fiberglass I tossed cockpit carpet in trash yrs ago . I did cabin floor in replicable commercial 20 in squares so I could replace walk way
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