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  3. HD lithium jump starters

    X2 on the Antigravity brand of mini booster packs. I have a Microstart XP-1 and it has worked on everything from a dead ATV to a V10 Triton powered MH with a battery that was flatter than piss on a plate. By comparison my buddy bought a similar sized and looking unit from Crappy Tire and it was absolute garbage. I believe the largest one Antigravity makes is called the XP10. I know that unit will bring a stone dead Cummins diesel to life in -20 temps.
  4. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    That's a good deal. Once again Stevie is putting on a Kijiji clinic.
  5. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    great little sled for sale on Kijiji
  6. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Latino owns it here. Lol.
  7. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    Early 80s Yamaha 250 on Kijiji
  8. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    if you hustle lawn care is good, you need a bunch of homes in one neighbourhood sooner or later you will get bid out so the hustle never stops. your lawn 10-12 minutes and he is gone?
  9. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    this has nothing to do with government or union work why do you keep bringing it up link to the bold and before you do actually read what it says - still trying to understand why you think piece work makes less money
  10. HD lithium jump starters

    I have a Micro Start PPS which is probably out dated now but its all I've ever needed. It has started cars, bikes and sleds. In Gravenhurst on a -30 morning it started 3 sleds in a row. We use it all the time for recharging cell phones, our Ipad and laptop while travelling.
  11. 105th Grey Cup Sunday

    I hope he returns. Stand up guy and he has that thinking mans quarterback style.
  12. HD lithium jump starters

    I would bet the GB150 would be good. I have the GB40 which for what I have is good started my 10 hp Penguin just fine! Although it did surprise me this summer in Collingwood when my buddy over primed his extremely rare Piper Comanche 400. His battery died during a hot start. After I unprimed it by hand propping it, I tried the jump starter.....too my surprise, it cranked and fired up....that airplane has an 8 cylinder 720 cubic inch 400 hp Lycoming. Second blade it caught.....pretty cool. I never travel without that thing.
  13. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Looking forward to it Kyle.
  14. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    I hear you. I'm just going to let my ol man give my kid a dose of reality if he ever needs it. I always make the grass an excuse to head to the cabin. Fucking push mower takes half the weekend to do it. See you in a few weeks maybe.
  15. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Well this is the new era. We don't even do the grounds at the cottage, its not worth it. I do get you though, I remember cutting grass for my neighbor when I was like 12, she was an accountant and got a bad divorce and asked how much to cut her grass every week. It was a pretty big back yard, so I asked how do you think its worth? She said $20, I'm like hell yah, I would have done it for $5. That was a good couple of years.
  16. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    That's just silly. I took so much pride in cutting my dad's and grandfathers place at his age. Still do actually.
  17. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Its been done long before he was able to Kyle and I don't have the time or patience to bother.
  18. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    I cut a lot less grass as a private company and made the owner a fortune every year while I got paid 12 bucks an hour. Yeah fuck that.
  19. *** OFFICIAL Sweet Ass Deals thread ***

    "Yeah, Stanley...... Like the power-drill".
  20. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Please Fail. stop your spinning in circles. You said a government worker would cut 4 times that of a $30 private contractor. There was no arguement about piece work vs hourly. It was purely based on production and most logical people would assume equaly outfitted people. Not a government guy on a large tractor vs a private contarctor with a push mower!
  21. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Has a 16 year old kid and pays for a landscaper. That's pretty fucking sad Dom.
  22. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    I get my place taken care of by Latino Heat for about $180/month.
  23. Helmets

    Of course. The posted trail speed limit is always a good idea, even where it's not posted.....
  24. HD lithium jump starters

    Yeah, those ones in the vid are compact, but weak. Noco's GB150 has about 4x the oomph. Just wondering what others are in that category.
  25. Helmets

    I only ever do 50kph
  26. Helmets

    You'd only understand if you rode aggressively.
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