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  2. You sir.....are like ants at a picnic .
  3. no, I just want answers to this one.
  4. Ahh, that was kind of lame. You wanna' try again?
  5. If nothing else ,I'm giving you future ideas for other threads lol

    Trump you fuckin pussy

    So much fucking gold in these old threads
  7. For some reason I hate Loretta Lynch.
  8. You've had your hands (mouth and ass too) on more cocks than a urologist
  9. Was aboot ,ever banged a broad in the ass?
  10. You're a dick magnet, lot lizzard
  11. So, how come you guys just can't say how much pussy you've eaten? Are your wives nearby, and you're afraid to say???? Afraid she might see what you post???
  12. Have you? Post your twats, cunts,beavers ,front bottom, lettuce, fish tacos whatever
  13. We're talking about pussy, why did you mention dicks? Do you have dick on the brain?
  14. x2 Poor Kevv144dickssuckedatthesametime
  15. Did you ever rub your nose?
  16. SVT Renegade XRS

    Official fuck you thread

    Not a chance
  17. Dude.....I probably drank more before I turned 21 than you have in your life
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