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  2. I got it bad!!!!!11

  3. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    He has the temperament but appeared weak and kinda dumb at times on stage. Even though he isn't. The R voters wanted something different, something strong, something to turn the liberal agenda back a bit and include them again. They wanted a "correction" back towards the middle right. Problem is, it's trying to be done too fast by somebody learning the DC Political establishment serves only itself directly. He's a fly in their ointment. And they need to kill the idea that a successful businessman that isn't a "rank and file" politician can get things done. Their jobs depend on it!!!! Example: I read Kid Rock has a 50/50 chance of defeating the incumbent. HOLY SHIT!!!
  4. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Enjoy your pizza.
  5. I got it bad!!!!!11

    I got to ride co-pilot in a King Air last summer for about 3 hours total, it was really cool.
  6. Neo Nazis?

    Advocating genocide isn't legitimate speech. It's just like yelling fire in a crowded theatre. It's only purpose is to harm people.
  7. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    fuck the shut up
  8. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    i'm having a weak moment. it's friday. i'm tired and waiting on the best pizza in town to be delivered.
  9. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    I think you're right. They will find some direction. They need to move away from all the old women. A young articulate man would do the parties wonders.
  10. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Yeah because along with Trump all Republican Presidents have had reality shows...apparently you have taken too many blows from Lance down at the dojo.
  11. What are you drinking?

    After the last 2.5 days at work, I am seriously considering alcoholism as my new career.
  12. What's for dinner???

    boil them taters yet CrockpotKF?
  13. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Ok. Well done. See? Not that hard to have simple, rational conversations at times. No big "gotcha" moments. Just simple Q&A.
  14. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    i may have voted for Kasich. he needs to change his last name though. i never remember how to spell it. the man is presidential in temperament and intelligence, but he never had a reality show. that's important with the republican voter.
  15. Floyds form of boxing is fake fighting. Mike tysons though... not so much
  16. I would bet the only thing you would have stones enough to slit would be a roll or a bun
  17. Beamers are high in numbers at the lease actions and after 3 years start to get costly to maintain.
  18. Goodness gracious bless your heart. I'm way above both you by like a thousand
  19. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    nope. too soon. the mid terms will bring a bit more clarity. the current strategy of the DNC is too much like the white house. chaotic with misdirected energy.
  20. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    I like what I see from Elizabeth Warren. Try not to laugh too hard, I'd hate for you to douse your drawers On the republican side I like John Kasich.
  21. If it's such a farce how do you see it ending. Conor is sure to get KO'd right?
  22. I got it bad!!!!!11

    I think Ben should go Al Gore style and get a Gulfstream GII.
  23. Well you're wrong. Paulie mouthed off to Conor back in February. Told him he would take the fight in place of F.M. and kick his ass. McGregor didn't even respond. Fast forward 5 months. Conor asked Paulie to join his camp to teach him some boxing. They sparred 2 times for 12 rounds each and Conor kicked his ass both times. The second time he kicked his ass so bad that Paulie stormed out of camp. Conor didn't appreciate Paulie mouthing off about kicking his ass so he brought him in and made a spectacle of him. A week later the images surfaced of Paulie on his back. Paulie claims push so the videos were released. Paulie is embarrassed now so he's been running his mouth for the last week about what a douche Conor is. It was a dick move to abuse Paulie like that but the guy had it coming for mouthing off back in February.
  24. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    "In transition". Ok, I'll buy that for what it's worth. Do you have somebody in there you hope they pick as your leader?
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