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  2. so name an unbiased source that's rating donny's performance. i'll wait.
  3. yeah. an unequal balance of power. i don't want either side to have an advantage. you seem willing to trust the republican agenda without question. no checks or balances. the difference between you and i is that i don't trust either side. good luck with your sweetheart neoconservatives having zero accountability.
  4. I'm a member here.
  5. I dont know, i tend to believe my family safety a little more important then a patch job on wiring. You do realize if there is an electrical fire and they find your mess or wire and backwards plugs you are going to be on your own as the patch job is no where near code?
  6. We had 4 or 5 days of clouds and rain earlier in the week.
  7. The dems have a party of elite'$ dembanksters fighting for it's soul , many are thinking they will pull the page of the tea party playbook soon for the midterms an Potus run.
  8. Lolz....i wasnt trying to take a pic of the chick
  9. It was a tremendous day here up to a balmy 14c.
  10. Maybe they can all just share the presidency? Don't laugh.
  11. But he started it!!!
  12. The dems in the Potus primary will have a full stage, count on it.
  13. You 2 get along now. You wanna drive somebody nuts...bug AMG or Woolard.
  14. So did he.
  15. Three wipes, 2 to buff it 1 to shine it
  16. I hate to admit it....but I had to google bloviating
  17. Man! And I thought the R primaries were entertaining! No fucking way I'm missing this idiot show!
  18. Did he do the "from my cold dead hand" thing I missed it
  19. The early dem names , brown , cuomo, biden , kerry , gillibrand, liar warren, Sen.Sanders ( his wife has fbi issues with a banking / land deal ) , booker ( girl friend issues , me(d)ia cya , for his terrible temper - it will come out ) hickenpooper , hilliary x3 rerun , Web's 1% golden spoon brat of a know nothing daughter , franken ( kids sent to private schools + off shore monies parked), oprah , cuban , wife of Potus 44 , an any other hollywood celeb that thinks the water is warm.
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