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  2. Yea the “left” hated Mueller that’s why when GWB appointed him FBI director he got 98-0 Senate support for his confirmation
  3. Happy anniversary

    At least they aren't communism memes.
  4. Took long enough.

    How are you handling this? One the one hand its a cop and you must always protect the cops but on the other hand its a black mooslim and you hate black mooslims. Has your tiny, unused brain exploded yet?
  5. I got to where when they started reading tweets by trump then making sure that everyone knew that there were misspellings. Saying there are misspellings is just a way to be petty and pathetic.
  6. Happy anniversary

    Holy thread fail!!!
  7. Scooter on TBP

    You know who is a bigger faggot? Momo the homo. Not sure why you like that flamer
  8. Oh man this is it. You guys got him! Finally! Indictments are coming! Lmfao
  9. Most didn't know who Mueller was until he was appointed special counsel, so probably not to upset with someone they didn't know existed. As for Comey, we never hated him. He always struck me as a respectable person. He was in between a rock and a hard place with the Hillary email letter to congress thing. He erred on the side of transparency which ya can't really fault him for. Can you imagine the outcry from the Trumpettes had he not done that, Hillary won, and the information about the re-opening came out later?
  10. Bunch of complete fucking assholes. Everyone of them
  11. All good now they are after Trump. The left wanted Comey's head when he re-opened Hillary's email investigation.
  12. We know, we know.... disgrace to your own country is what you are. Momo makes for a better case of representation. How's that make you feel?
  13. Austin Texas Bomber

    Maybe we should look into regulating fertilizer sales, perhaps even a registry of sorts? Oooops, already passed: Janet Napolitano yesterday announced how the new Ammonium Nitrate Security Program will affect buyers and sellers of the volatile compound. Primarily used in fertilizer, when mixed with other substances the chemical becomes highly explosive, the new legislation will require anyone buying more than 25 pounds to register, be screened against a known terrorist list, and require any thefts to be reported within 24 hours.
  14. He lost me at "America will triumph over you". Had me till then, but that was it. Sorry Vince, MSNBC, and Mr. Brennan. Who hasn't thought from day 1 that Russia might have something against Trump, really....but still they don't come out with it.
  15. Scooter on TBP

    Nobody has better wood piles than Scooter
  16. Scooter on TBP

    You sound lonely
  17. That post is such a fail it’s not even worth me finding a funny meme
  18. Scooter on TBP

    I bet he doesn't even lift!!
  19. Can’t argue with huffpo!
  20. Thank heavens your 'opinions' aren't reported by tweeting "ICEHOLE" Wait a second, you're not a "tweeter", are you ICEHOLE? wouldn't really surprise me at all.....
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