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  2. We haven't let our cat out in the morning yet since he has returned. He goes to the back door like he wants out but he is far less excited about it. I keep him in and then bring him back downstairs where he just cuddles up. My son let him out last night when he got home from school and he said he was only out about 10-20 minutes before he wanted back in. Either he got chased/had a close call or seeing that dead cat definitely changed him? We will never know where he was for almost 40 hrs, but we have both concluded, he was likely hunkered down some place scared out of his wits. Feels great having him back!
  3. Polaris 340 for kids?

    Great looking little sled, TOD. Your kids will enjoy that for sure. Congrats.
  4. Sled pics from last season.

    Didn't want to attract the cat riders on the forum
  5. Today
  6. Typical responses from the Clown Posse.....ask them what Kushner, Ivanka, Eric, and Junior have done to warrant their current positions and security clearances.....
  7. Mr. Leahy won't be down for dinner

    He only hit em if they need a hittin. John was sober iir but had a gambling addiction.
  8. Is Joshua Boyle a Moron?

    would the kids be considered Canadian? The story is fucked up for sure
  9. looking past isis.

    ...stuff is now heating up between the kurds and iraqi forces. and america armed them both.
  10. Dana Loesch threatened, forced from home

    To warrant your disdain? Other than be born to parents you despise and not be hot, I'm not sure.
  11. Dana Loesch threatened, forced from home

    So you are saying he liked to go out hoggin'.
  12. Polaris 340 for kids?

    Must be the Kool-Aid.
  13. Polaris 340 for kids?

    Yes, Ski-Doo never made a reliable 340 fan class sled with electric start and reverse...... My 380 Formula Deluxe was great for my kid at 9. Outgrew it at 13.
  14. Shouldn't Paul Ryan nominate Bernie as his VP then resign? That would make more sense since the DNC and Hillary sabotaged him. Lol what a dumb fucking article. hahaha. And the fact it took a Harvard Professor to come up with that plan is hilarious to me.
  15. I understand that point. I think they knew what they signed up for though. I knew. My opinion on it has changed, but I knew what was required of me. Even if the realization was found once there, that can never excuse actions that lead to the deaths of others because of one's own poor decisions.
  16. What was the anorexic bastard getting for mpg pulling?
  17. I understand....he fucked up. But These kids are lied to in the media...lied to by recruiters. Lied to by everyone right through deployment. Then they get their boots on the ground and some of them figure out what they signed up for isnt what they are being asked to do.
  18. Remember When...
  19. I doubt any of the other half tons would have got much better with what you were pulling....
  20. Bad news for some

    trumps done so much good the entire DNC is jealous and its humpers pissed off
  21. i park on that side of the lot too. fuck the kids that cant part at that store.
  22. Didnt have any time to ride in the spring or summer but got 2 nice rides in last week.
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