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    • You're kidding, right? Why would I subject myself to anymore stupidity and asinine reading than I already do from you?  If you want to give me a good laugh, post up what you have personally seen that concludes MMGW is real and upon us and if we don't act fast, we are all going to die. Don't tell me scientists say this, or their computer models say that, give me something concrete that can't be disputed. Just a tip, before you do, look up droughts, heatwaves, forest fires and floods that precede the 40's before you do. 
    • lol It is the only talk they know, every election same shit - people buy it balance jobs economy   Balance fails every time this is fact ( rare 90's era 8 surpluses may never happen again)  so we cheer 1 budget out of 20 yippe   So as THE PEOPLE catch on that budget balancing isn't the end all be all, we switch to deficit vs GDP or what ever sounds good.   Doug already claims 5 years before its balanced and that was with his inflated deficit numbers.   Andrew also said he is not going to balance his first term. none will none ever do 
    • Why do you think responsible politicians are trying to balance budgets-so that some programs can be maintained in a major downturn!
    • not to that extant - people had fuck all back then and when you take that away its tough.   The world is much different today - 30% unemployment isn't going to happen any time soon.    
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